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Initial Health Care Reform has been passed. We will see what the macro economic effects will be short and long-term. Make no mistake , reform was passed by negotiating with the domestic Hospital, Pharmaceutical and other industry players. The health insurance companies probably got the sort end of the stick on this one. What I find interesting is the situation that the Pharmaceutical Industry is now in. First let’s look at some facts. Many blockbuster drug patents have expired, are expiring or are due to expire soon. This bodes well for the  generic drug market. Domestic pharmaceutical companies have had to make some price concessions as well.

On the other hand, the domestic pharmaceutical industry now has over 30 million more potential customers. The US of A,  as well as many ” rich “, developed nations are ” graying ” and living longer as a whole.  As developing countries grow in wealth and increase their ” middle class “, there are, and will continue to be many foreign growth opportunities. The barriers to entry for this industry are high; so this also bodes well  for the major pharmaceutical companies in the USA and Europe.

Domestically, about 40% of every dollar spent on health care is for ” alternative therapies “, including supplements, herbs, acupuncture and many, many other therapies …  too numerous to count. This is the current domestic health care reality.  Advances in technology and exponential amounts of functional data are allowing  ” biomimicry ” to slowly transform many industries, especially pharmaceutical drugs in the medical field.

Pharmaceuticals ( with the approval of the FDA of course ) are coming out with drugs that are based on natural supplements and /or herbs. Granted, much of this research funding is coming from the NIH and the major pharmaceuticals probably don’t make much profit off of these types of drugs. However, what these drugs do, is expand the breadth and depth of their offerings to potential global customers. Bottom line …. it is good marketing. One recent example is LOVAZA by GlaxoSmithCline. It is an ” omega 3 oil ” based drug that provides  both DHA and EPA. It is marketed to effectively help lower triglyceride levels in human patients.

This is a  ” bio-mimicry ” trend that is spreading in many industries from aviation design, pharmaceuticals, medicine in general, as well as other industries.  According to Wikipedia,  ” Biomimicry or biomimetics is the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human problems. One of the early examples of biomimicry was the study of birds to enable human flight. Although never successful in creating a flying machine, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was a keen observer of the anatomy and flight of birds, and made numerous notes and sketches on his observations as well as sketches of various flying machines “. The growth in technology and FUNCTIONAL data is exponentially growing to allow for great strides to be made in many different industries.

Did you know that researchers have been studying  venom from animals for possible drug applications  for pain management in humans?  Pretty interesting stuff. So the next time, your child is ” vegitating ” and sitting  in front of the computer or televison, try to kindly persuade him or her to go outside for a while; especially around nature. Who knows what ideas or discoveries he or she may come up with when they grow up. Nature always has something to teach us. It depends on us as individuals to make the effort to listen and try to understand.

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