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Macro Insight To Financial Markets Needed For Average Investors

China’s recent surprise rate hike is welcome for the USA, but the timing of the surprise is rattling some nerves. I believe this issue as well as many others lend to the idea that a macro financial view is becoming increasingly important for individual investors  ( and their financial advisors, if they have one ). Financial markets are so volatile,  that unless you are a financial institution ( with access to all sorts of complex analytical models and software ), the average investor is at a serious disadvantage. The rules of the game have changed so to speak. It is time for advisors and individual investors to learn the new rules in order to compete and successfully invest and plan for their future.

We will see what happens.

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My blog focuses on FINANCIAL MARKET ANALYSIS & INSIGHT from a macro as well as a micro - level point of view. The information is straight forward, honest, simplifies complex matters, questions some oversimplified matters, all while being as easy as possible for readers to understand. I primarily focus on capital and currency markets by combining insights, analysis & ideas from the fields of finance, economics and geopolitics.


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