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How Unfinished U.S. Health Care Policy And Especially The Anemic Residential Housing Recovery Is DIRECTLY Affecting Unemployment And Underemployment


Health care, for most individuals and their dependents, is directly correlated to employment, i.e. … most people get their health care through their employer. With many domestic US companies ( especially small businesses that historically speaking, are responsible for most of the growth in employment growth in the U.S. ) still somewhat unsure how much added cost they are taking on when providing benefits to employees. Domestic health care policy needs to be more thoroughly articulated for business owners to understand the TRUE costs of providing some level of health care insurance to employees.

The sorry state of the domestic residential housing market is yet another even more important matter that, in my opinion, is directly correlated to the general anemic recovery in unemployment ( as well as ‘under-employment’ in the United States ). How is someone able to easily relocate to a job in a different city, if they can’t sell their house / condo … or if they are ‘underwater’ on their mortgage?  Granted residential housing is probably a more important and relevent issue than health care policy.

If you add the current health care policy cost uncertainty for employers ( especially small businesses ) to the anemic recovery and uncertainty in residential housing, I do not personally see how the U.S. can have a sustained recovery in unemployment and ‘underemployment’. I’m not sure what the answers are, but I do know what, arguably, the two biggest problems affecting employment growth are.

We will see what happens.

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