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Economics & Government Policy … Limits of U.S. Infrastructure Spending in pulling the economy out of a recession

U.S. Domestic infrastructure spending by the Federal Government CAN assist pulling the economy out a recession in the medium-term perhaps, but NOT the short term. Consider the fact that small businesses in the U.S. have historically constituted a majority of new job creation in our economy. In our current ‘ jobless recovery ‘, realistically dealing with the solution in regard to the long term effects of the domestic residential housing market is the #1 issue in resolving the job creation / unemployment / underemployment problem. The Euro crises is a close second. Global financial market / currency coordination and short to medium term market regulations come in third place.


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My blog focuses on FINANCIAL MARKET ANALYSIS & INSIGHT from a macro as well as a micro - level point of view. The information is straight forward, honest, simplifies complex matters, questions some oversimplified matters, all while being as easy as possible for readers to understand. I primarily focus on capital and currency markets by combining insights, analysis & ideas from the fields of finance, economics and geopolitics.


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